And it’s been a long, long time….

Hello to all you wonderfully crafty people out there in scrappy land.. I am sure you have all been busy as Santa’s Elves trying to get ready for Christmas Day! I have been busy too, making projects, going to craft fairs and even doing a little teaching in my spare time! Who would of thunk it !! LOL

I have to be totally honest and say that I have been toying with the thought of giving up on paper crafting once and for all ( cue sad music) I am not sure if it’s because I have done so much over the last 5 months to prepare for  these craft fairs or I am just beginning to lose faith in my abilities, but I am seriously considering finding a new hobby. So, I have not made up my mind on that front I will choose to move on to a happier topic.. CRAFTING!!

I have had  some fun times making my chosen projects and then there are some that I will never repeat again just for the sheer frustration of doing them.. I got really excited to find a beautiful and interesting tutorial on a tea bag dispenser that I couldn’t resist making! I rushed right out and carefully chose the papers I would use.. Then I got home and began my project- Oh the HORROR!! I started to make this lovely craft only to realize that the measurements in the tutorial were incorrect.. This makes for a very grumpy me.. Especially since I have already cut my paper and there was no way to salvage my work. I decided to persevere and not to let this get the better of me. After measuring and remeasuring( I am terrible at math) I figured out where she goes wrong. Things are going smoother now and I get to the lid( I still have nightmares). After 3 attempts I finally get it right! Wahoo, project I whipped your butt.. LOL

Here is a picture of my finished Tea Bag Dispensertea bag dispenser


Ribbons, Strings and Pretty Things

I am fairly new to the Paper crafting business, ( a little over a year) so when I get a repeat customer, nothing thrills me more! This means that they are happy with my product, like doing business with me and are willing to pay for something that I have put my heart into. This very thing has occurred a few times for me and last week I was asked by one of my wonderful customers to make a wedding card to accompany the wedding banner that I made some months ago. I wanted this card to resemble the banner but not be identical. she also asked for an original poem to express the feel of the occasion, this made me very excited because I simply love making pretty things! Here is the card that I made and the poem that accompanies it. I also made an envelope to encase  the card nicely. I hope that they enjoy the card and all the things that a new beginning together entails..


Inspiration Desperation !! xx

IMG_0820what do you do when you get that feeling of uninspiration?? Ok, so that might not be a real word, but I think it can be fitting in my situation.. I must confess, that I love YouTube. I can sit there and not blink for a whole hour while I watch other people create beautiful works of art!

Then I head for my own little craft room that my husband has made for me, converting our small storage space into a little piece of crafty heaven! I sit there, looking at all my papers, ribbons and lovely embellishments, when BAM!!!! I am struck down by creative brick wall..

What can I do to solve this dilemma? I try to think about the things that make me happy. My children, my husband.. the craft supply aisle at Wal-Mart( hehe) . I just think that I have my brained trained to be the most inspired when I am sad.. As this makes for better poetry!

So switching gears and being inspired by things that make me happy is quite the task! What makes me happy is seeing other people enjoy my crafts! What would they like to see in their child’s room? A princess banner for a little princess perhaps? Or a touching birthday card for that special loved one.

I guess it doesn’t matter where your inspiration comes from as long as you get inspired! I think it’s ok to look to other crafters and see what they are doing. Put your own twist on it! It’s why they make tutorial vids right!

Here is an example of what a little inspiration can do !

Gotta run, story time with my little girl

Ta for now

Pretty little things make me happy! In my world of babies, housework and 2nd grade crisis, Going into my own little space and creating something beautiful is a great release. I started out making banners that can be put in children’s rooms. Slowly building my business from a few here and there, to shipping all over my province. Now I make greeting cards, wreaths, mixed media canvas and other small craft items. I do this because it makes me happy. Creativity always came in the form of poetry for me but after I gave birth to my Beautiful son Rylan, the crafting bug bit me big time! I joined my first crafting group yesterday and someone suggested I should write a blog! So here I am. I hope you will enjoy my pictures and maybe be interested in what I have to say ! Ta for now xx